Kyiv Day 2024: the history of the holiday

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Kyiv Day is a holiday dedicated to the capital of Ukraine. It has been celebrated since 1982, on the last Sunday of May. This year, Kyiv Day falls on May 26.

How did the Kyiv Day holiday appear?

The capital of Ukraine has been celebrating Kyiv Day for over 40 years. It all started with the 1500th anniversary. Then, in 1982, Kyiv celebrated its 1500th birthday. Since 1984, opening ceremonies have been held at Andriiivsky Uzvoz until today. Probably, every Kyivite has at least some memorable trinket purchased at Andriyivsky Uzvoz.

This day was officially established in 1987. But in fact, the celebration of Kyiv Day takes place on several days, usually 3-4 days preceding Sunday, Kyiv Day itself.

Every year, the festive events expanded more and more and involved more people and organizations. A flower exhibition on the Singing Field became traditional for the holiday. Bicycle races, a kite festival, an open regatta, a beach soccer competition, and more joined the celebration.

Concerts of children's art schools and groups take place all over the city. Many children and young people are involved in the holiday. Concerts of pop artists of Ukraine took place on the central square of the city.

Symbolic sports competitions, exhibitions and fairs are held in the capital.

The most famous event is the charity event Run under Chestnuts. Festive fireworks were always launched in the capital on Kyiv Day.

Where to go on Kyiv Day-2024: a list of events

This year, Kyiv Day will not be held on the same scale as we are used to. The holiday will be celebrated quite modestly. Due to martial law and security considerations, large gatherings of people should be avoided.

Therefore, the traditional Run under the chestnut trees will take place in different locations and at different times.

The festive concert of Pavel Zibrov and the band KOLABA will take place on the territory of the Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG).

The film festival Kyivkinofest will take place in the "Zhovten" cinema.

The premiere of the play "Legends of Kyiv" is planned in the theater on the left bank.

The festive fair "Usi.Svoi" on Desyatynnaya street is also expected.

The concert "My Kyiv" will be held in the Palace of Ukraine.